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Our dogs are trained to be the best companion canines available. With the most innovative and forward thinking training techniques, this can only mean one thing for you and your family, peace of mind.

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ACS Health + Conditioning

Heart & Lungs

Heart & Lungs

Aerobic & Anaerobic conditioning help to ensure a long and healthy life. All of our dogs are put on an exercise plan specific to the individual from the moment their schooling at ACS begins. Swimming, jogging, sprint drills (both flat and inclined) treadmill work and more.


Aerobic conditioning occurs when the body is put under some strain (such as jogging) but has sufficient oxygen to repair itself. During exercise with adequate fuel and oxygen, muscle cells can contract repeatedly without fatigue. This type of conditioning promotes a healthy metabolism and good overall fitness.


Anaerobic conditioning (i.e., higher intensity exercise), occurs when muscle cells must rely on other reactions that do not require oxygen to fuel muscle contraction. This type of conditioning is what promotes more explosive and dynamic power. 




Dogs need proper mental stimulation in order to ensure proper long term learning can occur. Just like in humans, a dog’s personal experiences play a major roll in developing who they become and how they think. At ACS we make sure that each individual dog’s experience be hugely beneficial to their long term mental well being. We have created a number of unique experience enhancers which are implemented into every single dog’s regimen during their schooling at ACS.

One example of how we go above and beyond for our dogs is our unique ‘Arrival Procedures’ for entering dogs into our program. These ‘Arrival Procedures’ have proven very successful at defusing the possible negative effects associated with long air travel. Typically our dogs are shipped to us from Europe. The long trip in an airplane’s cargo hold can be quite stressful for any dog. In order to combat any negative mental and emotional effects that may occur, we make sure that their first experiences with us at ACS are all extremely enjoyable and stress free. The dog’s ultimate comfort and happiness is our main focus from beginning to end. This is the key for making sure that a sound and healthy mind remain that way. The stress of being on a transatlantic flight, then thrusted into an unfamiliar kennel environment with other dogs barking aggressively and less than optimal living conditions can quickly erode a dogs mind. That experience does a lot to help create a negative emotional & mental state which can quickly lead to bad habits and health problems.

All of our dogs undergo a 5 day Orientation Period during which they get to rest and relax in a comfortable home environment before their ACS schooling begins. On day 5 they undergo a second extensive veterinary exam to make sure that the dog is as sound and healthy as when they were examined by our veterinary doctors in Europe before their journey to our training center in Malibu. Once all of our medical & physical testing is completed and passed, their ACS schooling begins. 

Bones & Muscles

Bones & Muscles


At Advanced Canine Systems we develop individualized exercise programs for every dog. Along with a specialized diet that promotes strong muscles, bones and organs. We implement balance & coordination training, physical problem solving, and strength conditioning into their daily regimen. 

Stomach: Nutrition



While most companies feed their dog’s a diet that consists mostly of what may be cost effective, we invest largely in only feeding our protection dogs the best foods available on the market. We use formulas which include only human grade ingredients and are prepared in an FDA inspected kitchen. What does this mean? No preservatives, no by-products, no fillers, and no GMO ingredients. Making sure that the meals consist of not just any meat parts or 'bi-product', but vital and fresh parts is essential for a healthy dog. Guaranteeing the freshness of ingredients is also very important as canines, just like wolves, are not built to ingest preservatives and other additives most dog food companies add in order to extend the shelf life of the product. 

Coat: Skin & Coat



A high quality diet and proper grooming is the key to keeping a strong and healthy coat. We use all natural and organic products to promote an amazing looking and feeling coat, and in order to minimize chance for skin problems to arise down the line.

Real World + True To Life Training

The majority of our training is done in real world situations in order to maximize your dog’s functionality and performance. Once the dog is taught the skills he or she will need, we immediately go out into the real wold to perfect those skills and make sure they are fully reliable in any situation.

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Here at Advanced Canine Systems we guarantee that all of our dogs are healthy and in top condition. We do extensive medical testing including x-rays & full blood panels to check organ functions and blood cell counts. All ACS dogs come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so if you decide for any reason you want a different dog, we will replace your dog with one of equal or greater value. 

Satisfaction Guarantee Satisfaction Guarantee Health Guarantee Health Guarantee

ACS Dogs

We specialise in the highest caliber German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds and Belgian Malinois in the world. All of our dogs are trained in our home, as our personal family dogs in order to ensure a seamless transition into yours.

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