Joseph Cinnante was born on the small island of Mallorca off of the Mediterranean coast of Spain. His love for animals, specifically canines, was sparked while he was a baby as he grew up around Dobermans, German Shepherds and many other animals.

He moved to South America at the age of 8 and later to South Florida. He started training dogs as a hobby at the age of 16 and shortly after he began, he was introduced to law enforcement K-9's and sport working dogs. 

It didn’t take much more than the thrill of working a dog in protection for the first time for him to become completely enamored. On the weekends when most kids his age were hanging out with friends or hanging out, Joseph would disappear into the world of working dogs. He saved all of his money to pay for travel to Europe in order to further his education and be around the best trainers and the best dogs in the world.

He spent extended periods of time in France learning to train for the French Ring Sport (arguably the most difficult canine protection sport in the world) and perfecting his skills as an 'home d’attaque' (man of attack) or decoy.

During this time he gained experience and worked with European law enforcement, the Gendarmerie (French Military Police) and military canines in both France & Switzerland. The relationships he forged overseas were such that he began selling dogs from the US back to Europe for military and law enforcement purposes. He later went on to win the first ever French Ring Sport ‘Decoy Super Selection’ held in the United States.

Joseph became training director and lead delivery trainer for one of the world’s largest proveyor of high end protection dogs by the age of 22. He also owned and operated a police dog business in the Czech Republic by the age of 24. He has successfully trained, delivered and integrated high caliber protection dogs into new homes and families for over 13 years.