One of the reasons that all ACS dogs live in our home, as a part of our family, is to prepare them properly for yours. This approach allows us to teach them appropriate manners and the patterns of daily living, while maintaining ultimate functionality in the training.

 Dogs raised and trained in kennel environments do not develop the functional skills needed for effective, real-life home and personal. protection. Since dogs are masters at predicting what is to. come, as soon as they are taken out of their kennels there is a certain level of expectation or anticipation that is triggered. Whether they are expecting to play, work, or "do protection", they now know something is going happen. This rise in expectation undermines optimal mindset for real world training and functionality.

Quality of life combined with the most hands on and detail oriented approach to training makes for the happiest, healthiest, and most well prepared dogs

Although living in our home during their training is key, we also search for dogs that have been raised in homes as a part of the family and have been exposed to realistic social stresses and environments before they get to us.

Our home/ training center in the mountains of Malibu, California is a canine oasis. There are big, open fields, hiking trails and vast ocean views for the dogs to enjoy. This makes for an optimal environment while preparing them for life in your home and maximizing their quality of life in the process.