Predictability is something that needs to be eliminated when preparing dogs properly for the types of specialized tasks we require of them. The dog's mind needs to be in an extremely relaxed and unsuspecting state in order to ensure ultimate reliability and functionality. 

This is a crucial piece of any protection dog’s training that is widely overlooked. To ensure the optimal state of mind is achieved, most of our dogs' training is done during "True to Life" scenarios. It is very common for dogs to quickly compartmentalize and predict what may be happening next by the familiarity associated with daily patterns such as scheduling, human behavior & body language, how a training session “feels”, or even being taken to a familiar training room.

An action as simple as taking a dog out of a kennel and putting a piece of equipment on (collar, leash) will tip them off that "something is about to happen". For peak performance, the possibility of anticipation MUST be eliminated.