My experience with Joseph Cinnante and Advanced Canine Solutions has been unparalleled. The key in this experience is Joseph’s uncanny ability to communicate with every member of the family on exactly how to achieve the highest results in regards to the handling of my Malinois.

We are able to take one of the most ambitious, highly motivated, driven, and tenacious species of dog, and with a conversational voice navigate any situation. We are able to go to some of the finest restaurants, busiest hotels, or any setting for that matter without the concern that my dog will leave my side unless instructed to.

Joseph has instilled a champion’s constitution and the highest confidence while maintaining our dog’s spirit and character.

Additionally, when questions or concerns arise, I am able to reach Mr Cinnante day or night, weekday or weekend. He is more reliable than the US postal service, and this service is what makes investing in a personal protection dog from ACS safe and worthy.

Finally, my Malinois means to me nothing less than peace of mind. It goes well beyond insurance. In fact, it is the assurance that when I am out of town, out of the country, or simply when my wife is out holiday shopping, my concerns about home invasion, assault, or car jacking are mitigated knowing that I have one of the most exuberant, most efficient, and most dramatic mechanisms at dispatching a threat.

Mark L Shapiro, MD FACS

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Dear Joseph,

I did extensive research in my quest to find a protection dog AS WELL as a family dog. I wanted a well-trained, responsive, well-bred protection dog, but equally important was a dog that would integrate well into our family that included three young children.

Our search for the perfect canine companion had us speaking to several “professionals” in the protection dog field. Some were instantly crossed off our list after hearing comments that ranged from “Our dogs are trained to attack you must never ever leave them alone, let alone with children” to “do not allow other children to hold anything in their hands while playing with your children” - Others upon detailed discussions were “taking orders” for dogs that were in Europe, would ship them, then keep them in their facility for a few weeks then ship them off to a new home. 

The latter situation happened when we purchased a dog directly through a European breeder/trainer who assured us that the German Shepherd he was shipping to us was well-suited to be in a family environment and safe around children. Regrettably, after just one day I knew that his temperament was simply too aggressive and too unpredictable to expose certainly to my own kids, much less someone else’s. Ultimately, the shepherd was placed in a great home as part of a police canine unit and is much happier chasing bad guys than chasing children. 

When I was initially referred to Advanced Canine Systems, and during my first conversation with Joseph, there was an immediate sense of trust. His vast experience coupled with a genuine love and respect for dogs was evident during our conversations and subsequent visit to his facility in Malibu. Based on Joseph & Michael's recommendations we selected a young Belgian Malinois named Bruder. Bruder is absolutely everything Joseph said he would be and more. His manners are impeccable, he is responsive, loving, and so very eager to please. He is a very happy, well-adjusted dog who is sound in body and mind. 

He is first and foremost a family dog, by our side engaging in the activities that we are, yet ready to protect us at all costs.

The ability to work closely with Joseph & Michael was immensely helpful and educational. It resulted in a very smooth transition for Bruder and our family.

The best testimonial that I can provide is the fact that should we or our loved ones be looking for a dog, whether a personal protection dog, service dog or simply a well-trained responsive pet, ACS is our first and only call. Pets are the only family members we get to choose, we know that by selecting one of Joseph’s & Michael's dogs, we are assured a family member that is happy, loving, responsive, well trained and ready to protect us at all costs.

Christopher R. Clark


When our family decided to purchase a personal protection dog, we had a lot of questions and wanted to make sure that we went with a company that listened to our needs and would select the perfect dog for us. We also wanted a company that would provide ongoing support after the delivery of the dog if it were needed. We found all that in Joseph Cinnante and Advanced Canine Solutions. 

From the first meeting with Joseph to present day, we remain impressed with the personal service we receive from him and his company.

Joseph really listened to what we wanted; asked the right questions about our family lifestyle and protection needs – he selected a dog that fits perfectly with our lifestyle. At the time of delivery Joseph worked with us for several days to educate and integrate the dog into our family. Advanced Canine Solutions provides ongoing support – the commitment from them does not stop at the time of delivery. We could not be happier with our German Shepherd, Bruno and highly recommend this company. If you are looking for superior dogs with exceptional training and protection skills, combined with a company that treats you like family, then look no further than Advanced Canine Solutions.

Steve & Lee Ann Jones