Our Training

Real World Functionality & Training

The majority of our training is done in real world situations in order to maximize your dogs functionality and performance. Once the dog is taught the skills he or she will need, we immediately go out into the real world to perfect those skills and make sure they are reliable in any situation.

Skill Sets

We offer the best physical preparation in the industry. Not just strength and speed building, but specialized coordination skills and agility. We teach all of our dogs to maneuver and dominate many obstacles we have developed so that they will be fully prepared physically to deal with any environment lifestyle. Jumping through, in, and over obstacles is an essential part of making sure your protector cannot be stopped. No matter how skilled a dog may be in performing tricks or exercises, none of it matters if they can be neutralized or blocked by a piece of furniture or a barrier. 

Harnessing & Controlling Aggression

Aggression is typically something that is uncontrollable. We specifically use certain breeds of dog because the need to control the dog's aggression is vital when considering a social and well-adjusted protector. Many dog breeds have what is considered to be aggression, but only a few have the mental, emotional and physical capacity to allow this aggression to be harnessed and controlled. Controlled Aggression is what allows us to turn a dog on (Become aggressive on command) and turn a dog off (Stop the aggression) with one simple command. Furthermore, to have a dog performing a complex task while 'turned on' in order to make sure your family is well protected, while ensuring that the dog is extremely easy to handle, is yet another level of quality that is rare even within the breeds that we specialize in training.

Integrating the Protection

Integrating your dog’s training and skills is vital for ensuring complete functionality and reliability. This is done in a number of ways but most importantly, your dog should understand that a threat CAN arise at any moment. This gives your dog the confidence and peace of mind to be a social and happy dog, while keeping them aware of your surroundings and the people in your proximity. All of the integration training is done in 'True To Life' situations. The familiarity of working in a training facility or a training room defies the very core of having a completely reliable source of protection in the real world.

Lifestyle Integration

“We do all of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to” - Inserting a dog into a new lifestyle and home can reveal some unexpected, sometimes undesirable attributes. Proper socialization and integration before arriving to your home leaves absolutely no room for surprises. This approach to training and integrating high caliber protection dogs into homes & families leaves nothing up to chance. Because your dog is living with us as our personal dog, we get to know the dogs on a much deeper level than would be possible in a standard training environment. There are details that should not be overlooked when planning to integrate any dog into a new home and a family. 

Finishing School

Our 'Finishing School' phase is something very special to us here at ACS. This is the time when we not only perfect all of the skills your dog has learned, but also mimic your specific daily movements in order to ensure that the transition from ACS to your home is as seamless as possible. For example, if you wake up at 6:00am to go for a morning jog, we too will adjust your dog’s schedule to do the same. We make sure that he or she is very well aware of possible threats during specific moments you deem as times of high vulnerability. If you plan on taking your new dog to you children’s sporting events, we too will be attending kid’s sporting events with your dog during their training. If you plan on having your new dog sleep in a specific area of the house, we will make sure that is exactly where he or she sleeps in our home while here at ACS, while making sure that he or she is very proficient at defending your home and family if a threat were to arise. For example, we will simulate home invasions and kidnapping attempts in the middle of the night. Potentially threatening scenarios will be implemented into their regimen.

If you plan on taking your new dog with you to take care of the daily errands, we will do the same while simulating car jackings, robberies, kidnappings and other possible dangers in order to ensure maximum reliability. These added touches will undoubtedly make what is normally looked at as a 'transitional period' and turn it into an immediate connection between your family and your new protector.