Make A Donation

100% of donations go towards the procurement, housing, training, feeding, medical expenses, equipment, and training of the dogs and veterans who are selected for our program. Together with The Mullings Group Foundation, we have achieved our goals to save the lives of shelter dogs, while simultaneously helping the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for us and our country. We urge you to get involved and help us save more lives!!!


About The Founder

The ACS Service Dog Program was created by Michael Lorraine in his mind long before it actually came to fruition. After graduating from dog training school at the age of 19, Michael continued to seek more information and knowledge at any cost. He traveled the globe observing and learning from the best trainers on the planet while at the same time becoming heavily involved in European protection dog sports, where he quickly found a lot of success. 

His dream was to take all of the precision, power and beauty of the IPO program and find a way to infuse those qualities into a highly specialized and functional training program in order help the people who need it most. That dream is now a reality. 

"In the end... the goal is not only to obtain, but maintaining extremely high levels of motivation and precision, without the need for reward or reinforcement, this is the key to making a fully functional service dog that can actually help someone anytime, anywhere, no matter the situation or circumstance." - Michael Lorraine