Training For Your Pet

Taking your pets beyond their genetic potential

How We Do It?

By utilizing the same techniques we've cultivated for our ACS Working Dogs and applying them to our pet training program, we can maximize your dog's potential and take them beyond their genetic capabilities. Imagine your pet performing as well as the top working canines in the world. 

A customized training plan is formulated for each dog that is accepted into our pet program. This includes physical conditioning, socialization, and behavior modification. 

Let us turn your pet into a properly socialized, well mannered, highly obedient athlete! 

Obedience & Behavior Modification

"Obedience doesn't fix behavioral problems" 

VIDEO: Apollo The Husky (OBEDIENCE)

Teaching a dog to hold a sit when it wants to chase the cat isn't going to stop the dog from wanting to chase the cat. This is true. What properly executed obedience training does accomplish though, is capturing your dog's attention while building a strong incentive for being in tune with you, rather than the environment. Having a clear "language" with which you can communicate clearly helps to build a positive and relationship. Also, your dog will learn to listen to single commands said in a normal tone, around all distractions. 


VIDEO: Socialization | All Intact Males, No Problem!!

A key factor to having a balanced and well behaved dog is proper socialization. Since dogs are naturally gregarious it is important that they learn the skills to appropriately navigate all kinds of social encounters & interactions. 

We do structured socialization sessions (not playtime) which allow us to strategically introduce dogs to different kinds of social stimuli in order to increase confidence and achieve a balanced mind set. These experiences help to teach them the skills they need for what they will encounter throughout their lives.