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Certified nutritionists at ACS are here to help you and your dog with a smooth transition to a healthier life.

Customized Nutritional Plan:

Formulation of personalized raw or cooked fresh food recipes with detailed nutritional breakdown according to standards set by AFCO (American Association of Food Control Officers) or FEDIAF (European Pet Food Industry Federation).

Customized Recipes

Formulated for your dog's specific needs: age, gender, breed specifics, reproductive status, health conditions, activity level, body type, ingredient preferences, and more.

Certified Canine Nutritionists

Our nutritional experts will guide you step by step and formulate a customized nutrition plan for your dog.

The Services Will Include:

Raw or fresh cooked recipes that will be formulated and tailored specifically to your individual pet.

Sourcing insight & personalized coaching.

Full analysis demonstrating nutritional adequacy of your dog's current diet.

Transitional help if switching to raw/fresh diet from kibble or other foods.

14 days of full support, including 1 revision of recipes if needed within that time frame.

Recommendations for meal enhancements that would be beneficial to your pet.
(Supplements, herbs etc.)

Health Benefits:

We will help you understand the effects of diet on health conditions such as allergies, dry itchy skin, dull fur, excessive shedding, eye and ear discharge, dry paws, food sensitivities, inconsistent stools, gas, weight control, digestion upsets, bad breath, yeast infections, joint issues, and more.

Additional Nutritional Resources

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