Virtual Training

Laying a solid foundation for your pups or
untrained dogs sets them up for a successful future

Our World Class Training Programs are now available virtually!

Dogs are an important part of your family. Educating dogs and owners properly from the start helps you to set the proper foundation for success. If you are thinking of adding a new puppy or dog into your family, or If you currently have a dog that is displaying problematic behaviors and simply won’t listen, Advanced Canine Systems has the answer. Let our ACS training specialists turn your pet into a highly motivated, obedient and happy dog!

Our clients always say:

“I want my dog to listen and come every time I call”

“I want my dog to stop barking at people, animals or objects”

“I want my dog to walk calmly on a leash”

“I want my dog to become less aggressive towards people”

“I want help training my new puppy”

We use Zoom! You can download the app for free at Zoom

List of Virtual Services:

Online Evaluation

Online Evaluation Lessons allow us to observe you and your pet via video chat, discuss specific behavior concerns & training goals, and begin the training process while you remain at home. The evaluation also serves as an introductory lesson to all of our training programs. You will leave your initial lesson with knowledge and tangible skills to continue the training process at home, as well as gain access to all of the programs we offer moving forward. We will cover the use of training tools and a range of topics such as dog psychology, operant & classical conditioning, obedience training, behavior modification & more. Phone Consultations - Perfect for owners who just need a bit of guidance. You can check in with a training specialist to ask questions related specifically to your pet’s training goals and any challenges you may be facing. (approx 15-20 min).

Video Chat Private Lessons

Continued Education through video chat to check your training progress, get insight and feedback from a training specialist, and discuss/work on any problem areas you are encountering at home. Through the video chat, our training specialists can demonstrate exactly how to work on each skill and offer real-time critiques as you practice. (approx 60 min)

Video Chat Refresher Lessons

A great option for clients who already have some experience with training and want to work through specific issues or skills in their training plan. This video chat with a training specialist to fine tune trouble areas allows you to continue to improve your training skills from home. (approx 30 min)

Virtual Nutritional Assistance

Certified nutritionists at ACS will help you and your dog with a smooth transition to a healthier life by formulating a customized recipe for dog; taking into account their age, gender, breed specifics, reproductive status, health conditions, activity level, body type, ingredient preferences, and more. For more information, please visit the pet nutritional page

Virtual Dog Training FAQ:

  • We use Zoom. You can download the app for free at Zoom
  • You can contact our office to make a credit card payment over the phone. Keep in mind there is a 3% convenience fee added to all card transactions. You can avoid this fee by paying through Venmo instead. For international payments, a client services representative will reach out to discuss payment options.
  • Record as much video as you can! Problem behaviors, current methods of correction/rewards, training sessions, etc. Through screen sharing, a training specialist can review the videos with you to make observations, critiques, and adjustments to your training routine.
  • Have an area set up to work with your dog on screen in real time. Make sure you can set up your device to view the area easily and be able to hear and speak clearly into your microphone (a headset or ear buds may be a good option for this).
  • Have your dog’s food/treats for the day and all of your training aides/equipment handy.
  • It will depend on what type of device you will be using. Here is a great tutorial to help you get set up: Click Here
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