ACS Training Programs

Phone Consultation (20 mins)

Perfect for owners who just need a bit of guidance. You can check in with a training specialist to ask questions related specifically to your pet’s training goals and any challenges you may be facing.

Behavioral Evaluations

This is the first step towards entering any of our ACS training programs.Have your dog thoroughly evaluated by one of our ACS training specialists. You will receive a comprehensive behavioral analysis and recommendations for a training plan that best suits you and your dog.

Video Chat Private Lessons (30-60 mins)
**If certain prerequisites are met

Continued Education through video chat to check your training progress, get insight and feedback from a training specialist and discuss/work on any problem areas you are encountering at home. Through the video chat, our training specialists can demonstrate exactly how to work on each skill and offer real-time critiques as you practice.

$125-$250 PER LESSON
Acute Reconditioning (12+ weeks)

This program is tailored to dogs who struggle with reactivity, extreme separation anxiety, and/or other intense behavioral issues. Our training specialists will identify the root issues behind the behavioral problems you are experiencing with your dog, then help rebuild their understanding of appropriate behavior and reactions.

$1,500 PER WEEK
In-Person Private Lessons (30-60 mins)
**If certain prerequisites are met

One on one training classes for you and your dog at our training center in Westlake Village, CA. Sessions cover general continued education or behavior-specific issues. This is the most beneficial of our Private Lesson options, the in-person experience ensures that you and your pet get hands-on guidance from a training specialist.

$125-$250 PER LESSON
Semi-Private Lessons
**Sold in a 4 pack, buy 10 get one free

Once you and your pet meet certain prerequisites, you can join our semi-private group sessions to work in a controlled group setting with 2-3 other owners and their pets.

Training Retreats (6-10 weeks)

Our immersive Training Retreat includes 2 courses combined to get the maximum benefit out of your dog's time with us. Our Focus Development Course builds high levels of motivation in order to maximize your dog's learning ability. Our Foundations Intensive Course instills effective communication tools, teaches functional & reliable obedience, helps to rectify minor behavioral issues, introduces appropriate socializing skills and more!

$1,000 PER WEEK

Pet Boarding

Our rates do not increase during peak or holiday seasons

Dog Boarding (single dog)

+ $25 for additional dog in the same enclosure + $20 for 2nd additional dog in the same enclosure.


Cat Boarding (single cat)
Single Cat

+ $20 for additional cat in the same enclosure.

Birds/ Small Animals
Owner must provide living quarters

Enrichments & Skill Work

Enhance your dog’s stay with us

One on One Play Time (15 mins)
**Additional dog $5

Maximize your dog’s fun by booking some one on one play time outdoors with one of our staff members! This is a fantastic way for your pet to get exercise, play or just chill out in one of our large outdoor play yards.

One on One Play Time (30 mins)
**Additional dog $10

**If additional trainers are needed due to behavioral issues, fees will apply**

Treadmill Exercise Sessions

Dogs are designed to move! Treadmills are a safe and efficient way to exercise our pets both physically and mentally. Let us optimize your dog’s health & fitness by teaching them how to properly utilize our specially designed canine treadmills!

Water Park Play (25 mins)
Individual and group sessions available

Want your dog to have some waterpark fun in the sun?! Our ACS waterpark is now open for all of our clients' dogs to enjoy!


Salon & Spa

Quick Brush Out/ Re-fluff

Bath & Brush

$25-$150 *Dependent on size, coat & temperament
Teeth Brushing

Nail Trim

$10 - $20 *Dependent on temperament
Anal Gland Expression


**Pricing can vary for heavily matted dense coats and dogs with difficult temperaments.

Ready to start your ACS adventure?

Please ensure you provide us with the following:

Proof of current inoculations required for dogs:

  • Distemper/Parvo
  • Bordetella 
  • Rabies Certificate SIGNED BY YOUR VET. (listing the manufacturer & serial number of the vaccine)
  • Puppies must be at least 16 wees of age, AND completely finished with all boosters for all vaccines in order to board.


    Proof of current inoculations required for cats:

  • Feline Distemper Combo (FVRCP)
  • Rabies Certificate (listing the manufacturer & serial number of the vaccine)
  • Kittens must be at least 16 weeks of age AND finished with all boosters for vaccines in order to board.



    Additional information required:

  • Name of current veterinarian
  • An emergency contact number to reach the owner or other responsible person
  • If you would like to bring your pet’s blanket of a medium washable size, or 1-2 toys, please keep in mind that we are not responsible for lost or destroyed belongings.
  • A list of any health conditions or particular behaviors we should be aware of during your pet’s stay